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A burgeoning body of data suggests some German roach populations in the U.S. have evolved resistance to pesticides, essentially rendering the chemicals useless

Some amount to little more than greenwashing; others mean well but actually do damage. Here's how to ensure your money is doing the most good

Venezuelan women in Peru face “a triple jeopardy” characterized by their nationality, gender, and condition as migrants. Photos document how they strive to create safe spaces while longing for home

Read more about how the murky depths of this mighty river seem to function as refuges for some of the biggest freshwater fish on Earth

Video courtesy of: Chhut Chheana, Wonders of Mekong

After this 400 pound stingray was accidentally caught by fishermen, it was released back into its natural habitat in the Mekong River. The river is a refuge for some of the world’s largest and most endangered freshwater fish

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